At Home and Abroad: The use of Infrasound Weapons for Political Intimidation


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It is clear that the recent sonic attacks on US consulate personnel originate from Chinese operatives. Whether these are PLA or private thugs aiming these  short-range, “through the wall”, weapons at  US consulate staff is unclear.  I have had a “demonstration” , of sorts, of such a weapon and I don’t mean to be cheeky but I’ll need to expand factually on that experience in a subsequent article.

These weapons aren’t “rocket science” they’re acoustic science and anyone can buy them online or build infra-sound devices. They can be acutely unpleasant but have a very limited range(in my experience). They can damage soft tissues and can cause traumatic brain injury if the exposure is long enough.

Infra-sound devices are covered in several Ted talks by  , “Woody Norris” an owner of a US company that produces these . They are also covered in this ACLU fact-sheet: which also mentions other acoustic weapons like LRAD which are used for crowd control. In fact, the Chinese academy of Sciences announced the invention of an infra sound weapon for crowd control.

It’s clear that if a victim is exposed for more than a few minutes that tissue damage is possible or even TBI-as one consulate staff member/victim was purported to have.

In my opinion,  this weapon is used as a deniable weapon by both governments and organized crime. It’s obviously nothing new and can be an effective tool of political repression at home and abroad.

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