The Left’s Systematic Discrediting of the Havana Syndrome victims.


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Anyone who has educated themselves on the intelligence community has come across the series of reports of State Department, CIA and FBI personnel being attacked by an apparent “sonic weapon” that caused tissue damage and concussions. The medical evidence is incontrovertible and ,for a time, these victim stories were aired by NPR,CNN and all the mainstream corporate outlets as credible.

After several years of reporting on the Havana syndrome NPR, see “Over 200 Cases Documented Yet Cause Remains A Mystery” has suddenly turned around and aired a hit piece ,”The danger of pushing the foreign attack theory for ‘Havana Syndrome‘” implying the victims are idiots or frauds. Also Robert E. Bartholomew and Robert W. Baloh have written a book “Havanna Sydrome Mass Psychogenic illness” and New Republic’s has a recent 2022 negative article .

Why then are the left wing mainstream media and authors suddenly attacking these very credible victims with massive evidence supporting their claims? Why this sudden change?

It’s crystal clear to anyone with an ounce of journalistic integrity that NPR, CNN(see the Veritas account) and many outlets often closely mirror government and corporate interests or just don’t want to upset their sponsors. It’s also very clear that the government lies create false narratives in the media. The evidence is simply too much to ignore(see Into the Buzzsaw by Gore Vidal).

It’s also clear that the left wing outlets, if not outright coordinating with each other, present what’s in the interest of the Democratic party or their sponsors. For instance, when I was listening to one of the NPR’s fund drives they were asking me for a donation “for social justice” a liberal media trope and , frankly, pushing an ideology which is the last thing a journalist should be doing. Also, at the moment, the Democrats are in power and ,in my opinion, the current administration has no interest in paying out claims to the victims of covert attacks and harassment. None whatsoever. In their minds, that was a problem for Trump not them.

It’s also clear that the agencies from whom the several hundred victims came, the CIA, FBI and state department have absolutely no stake in paying these victim claims. It would cost millions to put all of these employees on paid leave or disability and it would affect ongoing operations around the world in a negative way. These are all hotel and apartment attacks so how many resources would it take to secure the perimeter of a hotel room? How would you even do that? They would have to rent every adjacent unit for every employee.

They also would not want to create a panic and demands for extra security from their current work force. Better to discredit a few employees than create problems with all of them. In their minds, if someone is actually doing something important for the agency then they’ll provide the necessary security but if you’re just an average joe working overseas then why bother?

So it follows, that these agencies would much rather discredit their employees by, perhaps, asking their friends in the corporate media to write a series of hit pieces and I would argue that’s exactly what has been done.

Federal employees, particularly working in China, where these sonic devices were invented, and in the former Soviet Union should make themselves aware of the dangers of these sonic weapons. They are not the “Sonic Nausea” devices that you find on ebay. These are scaled up to be weapons that cause severe injuries and that is exactly what the medical evidence has shown.

If you are a government employee or law enforcement and work in a field where another government or transnational organization might find your activities against their interests then you should take individual precautions.

Particularly, be aware of the warning signs of an infrasound or sonic attack which include severe headaces and a strong sound vibration. It will be directed, intense and nothing like a loud stereo or subwoofer. It is not a “microwave weapon” as the federal government previously claimed which happens to be, by the way, an old US government disinformation trope.

Be aware of this and be prepared to change units, change your location in the unit or bring in a witness because the current government doesn’t give a damn about your safety.

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