Why the UAP Report Gave Us Nothing and That Might Be the Whole Point.


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It’s certainly a relief that the US government has finally come to grips with the UFO phenomena and presented some guidance for military personnel to report these “UAP’s” as they call them. For the entire 20th century the US Air Force has either tried to discredit anyone reporting UFO’s, sometimes ending their careers if they didn’t shut up, or actively used the concept of UFO’s to cover their reconnaissance and test aircraft. See the book the “Mirage Men” and the NY times article “C.I.A. Admitted Government Lied about UFO Sightings” (i).

Unfortunately, in spite of some frank admissions in the report, it appears that counterintelligence(state and non-state actors who engage in disinformation for the government or military) could be actively involved in UFO disinformation pertinent to this topic. This is apparent from some of the text of the report but also the history, in the 90’s, of research involving anti-gravity and the aforementioned NY Times article on C.I.A. disinformation.

In the 1990’s, there were several prominent researchers in anti-gravity or force projecting technologies. Most of these have been absent from the mainstream media or discontinued their research. The late Dr. Ning Li and the living Dr. Douglas G. Torr who published the paper “Gravitoelectric-electric coupling via superconductivity” (ii) were the most prominent of these researchers before Dr. Ning Li acquired a $448,970 DOD grant in 2001 then disappeared from the mainstream media until her death in 2021. Previously she had been featured in publications such as “Popular Mechanics”(iii) and ”Discover” magazines. It was clear from her research and the media reports that her research was progressing. Her research was peer reviewed and not refuted.

So it’s possible that these technologies could have been in development for 5 or 6 years at home or abroad before the famous “Tic Tac®” navy incidents. No matter, the US government is in a dilemma. If they know and admit to a specific foreign entity possessing this technology then they will alarm everyone into an “anti-gravity” gap-in cold war parlance. In other words, they would open a can of worms for the defense department and clearly no bureaucrat wants to do this.

Conversely, if they were to admit that it’s a domestic technology, and we’re decades ahead of our adversaries, then we give up some of our tactical edge and are shown to be lying. It’s obvious that no one would be in a hurry to admit that either.

In my opinion, they have found a third way which is to claim ignorance and, in their own way,“take the 5th”. Given the research done by Dr. Ning Li(and others) and the fact there was a Department of Defense grant given to her for this very thing then should we not at least consider that there is more evidence pointing to a domestic human created technology?

Should the US government through the ODNI just cop out and say there is no evidence of “USG or Industry Developmental Programs: “(iv) as in the official ODNI June 25, 2021 “UAP” report? If these are compartmentalized secret projects then it’s unlikely that any evidence could be presented. What would they have said about the F-117 prototype sightings in the late 70’s? They would have said nothing and let their friends in the “UFO community” discredit witness statements by associating them with UFO drivel. There is also the “Other:” (iv) category(in the report),the Russians or Chinese, which puts the onus on two nations who usually steal military technology from the west rather than develop something a hundred years in advance.

In my opinion, the UAP report gives us nothing but an acknowledgement that someone, somewhere has an anti-gravity technology and deflects that responsibility from the most likely candidate. This might be the whole point.

End Notes

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  1. While I agree with the idea that we learned be learning nothing. The objects themselves definitely need further consideration. Particularly the propulsion means, airframe structure / strength (G-Loading within that)
    Thanks for the citations so I can begin my research

    • I agree with everything you have said and frankly I know much less than US Air Force personnel know about these so ,in my mind, the only good source of information are retired air force personnel who have made UFO or UAP reports in the past. As a journalist/blogger, I have to offer the disclaimer that I’m not offering you any advice on how to conduct your investigation but simply giving you an opinion nor can I help you in any such investigation. Unfortunately, US law forces me to state this. I wish I could add more but the subject is buried in an 80/20 mixture of disinformation(see “The Mirage Men” on Plex). I also think it’s strange that the government has recently shot down 3 UFO’s that exactly resemble these drones, or whatever they are, called off the searches, claimed to find no wreckage and provided the public with nothing but cockpit audio. They certainly have added yet more fuel to the fire that this is a classified aerospace technology they don’t want the public to understand.

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